[News] Caravaggio release the single “Joyful Graveyard”

Official Press Release from Caravaggio

Joyful Graveyard, the second single of Caravaggio, is an intense ballad, a touching love story between two ghosts. The song is accompanied by the very first video from Caravaggio



About the band

Former Adramelch’s members Vittorio Ballerio (vocals) and Fabio Troiani (guitars) have started the band called Caravaggio, like the famous italian painter.

The style can be described as mediterranean progressive hard rock

The current line-up features Marco Melloni (previously bassist with Vanadium’s singer Pino Scotto) and Alessio “Einsamkeit” Del Ben (for a short period drummer with Wotan, now also with the prog band Quel Che Disse Il Tuono). 

In December 2019 Caravaggio has released their first single “Before My Eyes”


Vittorio Ballerio – vocals

Fabio Troiani – guitars, mandolin

Marco Melloni – bass

Alessio Del Ben – drums

Mauro Poeda – accordion

Alex La Bua – percussions

Music and lyrics by Fabio Troiani. English language consulting by Tracy Bell.

Produced by Fabio Troiani and Guido Block.

Cover artwork by Gianfranco Ferlazzo, “The Balthus Dream” (series: “The Adbusters project box”), 2019, mixed media on cardboard box, 20 x 29 cm.

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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