[News] Cassini Tales publish the new single “Try It” on Luminol Records

Cassini Tales publish the new single “Try It” out on September 3, 2021 via Luminol Records and available digitally on all digital stores.

The new single by Cassini Tales is out now on all digital stores and we want to tell something more about this song through the words of the guitarist of the band, Dennis Nazarov: “Try it is inspired by Peter Gabriel’s early solo albums and Police’s albums such as Ghost In The Machine and Synchronicity. The song is prickly and incisive, full of mockery and bitter irony. We all tend to follow the same path and habitual algorithms, we do things that are familiar and comfortable to us, afraid to leave our accustomed comfort zone and often procrastinate or hold on to the past or dwell on it. We are in search of illusory success ready to commit villainy. Sometimes we understand it’s all so wrong and we aren’t so good and nice we think we are. But do we want to try to change something in our lives? I doubt it.

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The name Cassini Tales is inspired by Cassini-Huygens space-research mission: a probe that studied the planet Saturn including its rings and natural satellites. Cassini made many stunning pictures of Saturn and other space objects and then after nearly 20 years of research the probe was directed into Saturn and buried in planet’s atmosphere. That was its last mission also known as Grand Finale.

Cassini Tales is a fictional log of an AI-equipped satellite spaceship with contradictory mission: on one hand the crew of the spaceship is researching human beings and the peculiarities of their interpersonal communications, reasons for their existence, love, war; and on the other hand – it is striving for an absolute and comfortable loneliness. The only friend the crew has is spaceship’s AI (yes, we must have seen too many classic SCI-FI movies about all those spaceship crews in outer space).

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