[News] Caustic Casanova publish the video for “Memory King” and reveal winter tour plans

Trying to pigeonhole Caustic Casanova musically is bound to fail, but one certainty is that the American Stoner/Punk/Sludge/Noise/Riff-Rockers (take your pick) are heavily invested into the avian super-flyers that graced the artwork of their last album; not to mention being keen on sharp societal commentary. All of this is evident in the band’s new animated video, stunningly created by Jase Harper, which also features a giant space squid and a banana cow. Best not to spoil too much and just let you see for yourself through the YouTube player below:

You can order the album “God How I Envy the Deaf” here: lnk.spkr.media/caustic-casanova-god-how

And keep an eye on the band’s socials as they prepare to return to the road this winter!

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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