[News] Czech Progressive Heavy Rockers Votchi released their new single “Out Of Love”

Czech Hard Rockers Votchi‘s Empowering Hearts: Unveiling the Anthem of Transformation – “Out of Love” Single and Video with SODEH Records.

Out of Love” is an expository musical piece relating to power dynamics, poverty, ambition, dreams, despair, struggles and so much more. The lyrics emphasize these aspects all too well with syntactical parallelism as in the case of the chorus where Let makes a constant entry with: “Let ’em blow, let ’em blow/ Let ’em knock ’em all down leave ‘em shadows on walls/ Let ’em shread’n’crush to Man’s smolderin’ bums/ Let ’em go kaboom and ’em blow kaboom and bye all!” The parallelism reflects the surrender to reality and let nature take its course.

The song’s lyrics convey the message that temporal wealth is not required to make a meaningful impact. Rather, the singer believes they can “save your soul” through intangible means, represented by a metaphorical “magic wand.” This moving message suggests that everyone, regardless of means, has the power to influence others’ lives.

In the chorus, the song adopts a cathartic tone by encouraging the destruction of whatever is causing pain or holding one back. Images of fire and ruin depict letting go of harmful influences, implicitly to make way for a fresh start. The emotive vocals and intense instrumentation reflect this necessary yet purifying annihilation. The song reminds us that spiritual and emotional journeys, not material excess, determine purpose and meaning.

The song stresses that love is the key to overcoming division and adversity. As the singer sings, love can transcend the barriers that separate us and enable progress. Since humanity was “born of love,” we can choose to overcome hate and create change through love. The closing lines reinforce this theme by reflecting on past triumphs over difficulty, suggesting we can prevail again if we embrace love.

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Emerging from the vibrant musical landscape of Prague, the beating heart of Europe, Votchi has been a definitive force in the realm of Prog Rock since their inception in 2000. Their unique blend of roots and undeniable vibe has consistently attracted discerning music connoisseurs, establishing them as a magnetic presence in the industry.

The band’s magnetic appeal has led them to share stages and embark on remarkable tours with iconic acts like Uriah Heep, Deep Purple, Nazareth, Whitesnake, Colosseum, and an array of other esteemed artists. This testament to their artistry and reputation speaks volumes about their exceptional musical prowess.

With a discography encompassing four captivating albums and a collection of singles that have become mainstays on the airwaves, Votchi has carved a well-deserved place in the annals of Progressive Rock. Their music consistently resonates with listeners, garnering regular airplay and captivating the hearts and minds of fans worldwide.

The current lineup of Votchi comprises a collective of extraordinary talents who breathe life into their compositions. With the combined brilliance of Alex McBeat, Dominik Vozobule, Jan Jezek, Martin Smejkal, Mirek Muzik, and Olga Vlachova, the band’s sonic landscape becomes a rich tapestry of musical mastery.

Votchi‘s unwavering passion and commitment to their craft continue to push the boundaries of Prog Rock, reflecting their dedication to artistic growth and evolution. As they take the stage, their electrifying performances and captivating presence transport audiences into a realm where music transcends limits, leaving an enduring impact on the genre and capturing the imagination of music enthusiasts worldwide.

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