[News] Dianadea published the single “Regina di Elfilandia” taken from new album “La ballata di Tommaso”

On June 04, 2023, the new album “La ballata di Tommaso” was released, the first in a trilogy.
La ballata di Tommaso” is a work that is, in its intentions, much more accessible than the various works published so far by Dianadea, with a much more ‘airy’ mood and that can also break out of the ‘niche’ due to the type of subject matter.

A musically layered trilogy focusing on the fairy world, starting with a more airy mood, and then flowing into a more indigenous and ‘cultural comparison’ discourse on the Italian territory.

The project will involve various bands that will talk about some specific figures, albeit with common traits, ending with the fairy world set in Irpinia and Campania.

Having made this necessary premise, this work is inspired by the more dreamy side of this path, taking inspiration from a classic in the field, namely the “La ballata di Tommaso,” a bard and rhymer, who lived around 1200, where he recounts, through various symbologies linked to various states of altered consciousness, his encounter with the queen of fairies.

The whole work, in fact, is based on very dreamy dynamics, devoid of text, except the last one, to create, through dreamy and cyclic rhythms, a journey.

Watch the video of the song “Regina di Elfilandia” through the YouTube player below:

After a very quick genesis, the work “La ballata di Tommaso” enters a trilogy, starting from a mood that is certainly more accessible for my productions.
The idea is to talk about the fairy world starting from “macro” concepts and then travelling backwards, into the indigenous and its enhancement.
Thus, the trilogy will include an EP with various Italian bands that will talk about the figure of the local elf, and of which, there will be a comparison of similarities and divergences, through the language chosen by the bands in the Dark/Folk/Ambient sphere.
The third will be linked to the specific figure of the scazzmariello in Irpinia.
A musical/cultural journey on the fairy world and elves to meet and enhance music and culture.
video realised by Valeria Campagnale.

Purchase on Bandcamp: https://dianadea1.bandcamp.com/album/la-ballata-di-tommaso


01. Intro 03:05
02. Biancospino 04:56
03. Il cavallo e la regina 04:53
04. Viaggio 05:09
05. Le tre strade 04:32
06. Regina di Elfilandia 04:41
07. La Ballata di Tommaso 04:39

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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