[News] Dikajee publiash the official video for the epic track “Gloomy Flowers Blooming” from debut album

Former Russian-based musician Dikajee has released a haunting new video for the eight-minute long “Gloomy Flowers Blooming” feat. Fiona Rüggeberg taken from debut album “Forget~Me~Nots” which was released on August 13, 2021. Watch the official video through the YouTube player below:

“Gloomy Flowers Blooming is probably the most epic and the most ‘really progressive’ song from the album. It is a trilogy that describes the process of surviving a grief experience. Whether it is the loss of loved ones, painful parting, or disappointment in life’s ideals. The three parts The Sunset, Rise All In Silver, and Gloomy Flowers Blooming are like my own musical stages of going through dark times.

As a songwriter, I am happy that the song turned out to be both epic and intimate at the same time. The special shine of the song is Fiona Rüggeberg (FAUN, Tvinna); her bagpipe solo brings a breathtaking both Celtic folk (that I adore) and blues flare to the song. I am so happy to have Fiona on that song, she is an amazing musician with limitless talent. ‘Gloomy Flowers Blooming’ is a hail to everyone who is managing to reach the bottom, push off and rise all in silver, gloomy but stronger!” – Dikajee

Forget~Me~Nots” was recorded and produced in Norway, Portugal, Germany, France, Latvia, Russia, and features guest appearances from Faun’s Fiona Rüggeberg (bagpipes), Klone’s Guillaume Bernard (guitars), Erik Truffaz‘s Artis Orubs (drums) and Amber Foil’s João Filipe (guitars) among others.

Dikajee has previously released videos for Forest , River Rites and Lily Of The Valley, which can be watched through the Official YouTube Channel.

Purchase “Forget~Me~Nots” on Bandcamp: https://dikajee.bandcamp.com/

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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