[News] Helion Prime publish the official video for “The Final Theory” from “Question Everything” Special Edition

Helion Prime publish the official video for “The Final Theory” from “Question Everything” Special Edition. The album has been completely remixed/remastered to better fit the vinyl experience! We’ve also given the album cover a cool little make over for a classic “marble wall” vibe. This release will also include a BRAND NEW SONG – Wash Away.
As if all that wasn’t cool enough we will be releasing a digital bonus disc of some cool material that you can see below!
Want a taste? Check out the “The Final Theory (Remastered)” single that is out now, watch it through the YouTube player below:

As always we have some exclusive items available only for those who Pre-Order. PRE-ORDER your copy now at this link:

Helion Prime – Question Everything (Special Edition)
Album Disc/Vinyl:
01: Wash Away*
02: The Final Theory
03: Madame Mercury
04: Prof
05: The Gadfly
06: Photo 51
07: E Pur Si Muove
08: Words of the Abbot
09: The Forbidden Zone
10: Question Everything
11: Reawakening
Bonus Material:
01: The Drake Equation (Re-Recording)
02: Moon – Watcher (Re-Recording)
03: Atlas Obscura (Re-Recording)
04: The Human Condition (Re-Recording)
05: Question Everything (Mary Only)
06: Angel’s Don’t Kill (Children of Bodom Cover)**
07: The Pharaoh Sails to Orion (Nightwish Cover)***
*Wash Away is a brand new song continuing the theme of “Question Everything” and written about Ignaz Semmelweis, the doctor who discovered the disease-fighting power of hand-washing in 1847. This new song will also include a brand new music video!
**Guest guitar solo by Garrett Peters
***Features guest vocals by Carlos Zema (Immortal Guardian) and guest solo by Garrett Peters

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