[News] Divided by Design to release a new single “Exulansis”

Divided by Design enter a new sonic realm with their next single “Exulansis”.

Ferocious, highly energy performances, combined with technically nuanced writing, have seen Divided by Design become firmly established as ones to watch on the North East Metal Scene. After just completing their first northern tour, seeing them play in locations such as Glasgow, Newcastle and Leeds, Divided by Design continue this momentum by releasing their next single “Exulansis” on the 28th February. Their new track aims to incorporate the sound they established in “Pillara”, “The Catalyst” and “Regenerate” whilst also push their sound to new heights.

From chilling atmospheric soundscapes to precise and technical riffing, be prepared to be transported to new sonic worlds! Intent on creating something unique and truly progressive, the instrumental trio adopt a musical approach to match. Liam Stephenson’s virtuosic guitar seamlessly meets a brutal rhythm section consisting of Joe Messingham (Bass) and Tom Chambers (Drums). Priding themselves on an energetic live show, the intensity of the experience is key for the Leeds outfit. Compositionally Inspired by the likes of Dream Theater, Animals as Leaders and Periphery, the trio are not shy to employ the ‘prog’ spirit of early Rush and Pink Floyd and use this to make something they, and others, believe is truly ground-breaking.
Constant gigging and dedication to their music has allowed Divided by Design to craft a live performance level rarely seen amongst other Leeds based bands. With unprecedented technical mastery of their instruments along with an energy described by their fans as ‘Brutal’ and ‘Intense’! The release of the new single will be supported by shows around the UK including Chelmsford, Leeds and London

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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