[News] Drakkar announce the release date of the new EP “Falling Down”

Veterans of Italian Power Metal Drakkar have announced the release of a new EP scheduled for November. The EP, titled “Falling Down“, will be released digitally on Bandcamp. The physical CD version, containing an additional track, will instead be available exclusively for subscribers of the group’s Patreon page, available at www.patreon.com/darianmetal.

We have a new album ready for a while, and it should have been released this year” said Dario Beretta, guitarist, “but the situation due to the pandemic and the inability to play live convinced us, in agreement with the our new label – which I cannot reveal yet – to postpone its release to 2021 in order to better manage it. However, we didn’t want to end 2020 without an official release, so we decided to record 3 new songs plus a cover of Toss A Coin To Your Witcher, from the popular Netflix show. The EP will be released digitally on our Bandcamp in November, with 2 of the 3 unreleased plus the cover. Subscribers to our Patreon page www.patreon.com/darianmetal will instead have the possibility to purchase – or receive as part of their subscription, depending on the band they have chosen – the CD version, containing all 3 unreleased tracks, as well as receiving automatically mp3 of all songs. It’s our way of thanking subscribers for their support, which at the moment, with live concerts blocked, is even more fundamental ”.

The EP will also be the first release of the new 5-element line-up. “We have decided to continue without a permanent keyboard player“, added Dario, “and we would like to take this opportunity to thank Emanuele Laghi in the warmest way for his splendid contribution in the 5 years he has been with us. Our decision to continue as a quintet has nothing to do with the excellent quality of Lele’s work as our keyboard player, so much so that she has also played on all the tracks on the album coming out next year and will continue to collaborate with us in the future. Simply, our sound has evolved in a direction that has made keyboards less and less essential, and this has made us understand that it would not have been correct to continue to have an official keyboard player and then relegate him to a secondary role. We wish him all the best for the future and especially for his musical career in my Crimson Dawns, of which he will continue to be a pillar, don’t worry!”.

The recordings of the EP took place in the Elnor Studios under the guidance of Mat Stancioiu, the band’s producer and sound engineer for the past ten years.

The artwork of the new EP was designed by Alessandro Bragalini, author of all the Drakkar covers from “When Lightning Strikes” onwards.

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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