[News] Helion Prime release the official music video for “The Gadfly” from upcoming album

Helion Prime release their third single “The Gadfly,” from their upcoming album “Question Everything” out October 5th on Saibot Reigns.

The passage is based on the Greek philosopher Socrates. He was found guilty of “impiety” and “corruption of young people”, sentenced to death, and then forced to carry out his execution by consuming a deadly dose of hemlock, an extremely poisonous plant.

The video reflects Socrates’ final decision to honor his belief and carry out his hemlock death as his followers and friends found themselves accepting his fate.

It’s been about two years since the band’s second album “Terror of the Cybernetic Space Monster” was released and Sacramento’s science fiction power metallers Helion Prime are back with their third work, and a much shorter title, “Question Everything,” out Monday October 5, 2020 via their Saibot Reigns label.
This is the first album with new singer Mary Zimmer, who also accompanied the band on two different tours across the United States. He also sees the band’s original singer, Heather Michele, return as an author to contribute on all the lyrics and music.
Heather Michele, along with other former Helion Prime singers Sozos Michael and John Yelland (Judicator/Dire Peril), are guest singers on the full length.

The highly anticipated third disc is a concept album, with each song revolving around different figures throughout human history who have dared to question the status quo of their respective worlds / societies, in some cases even facing a tough persecution as a result.
The Helion Prime have chosen to write about people who have suffered prejudice, derision, excommunication and persecution, but have remained true to their beliefs and ideas despite everything. Time would be their greatest ally as their ideas and identities would eventually be validated, often only after their death. They serve as an inspiration for all minds to keep thinking outside the box and staying true to themselves.

1. The Final Theory (4:20)
2. Madame Mercury (4:19)
3. Prof (3:55)
4. The Gadfly (6:35)
5. Photo 51 (5:13)
6. E Pur Si Muove (5:48)
7. Words of The Abbot (4:55) ft. guest vocals John Yelland (Judicator, Dire Peril)
8. The Forbidden Zone (4:32)
9. Question Everything (5:56) ft. Heather Michele (ex-Graveshadow, ex-Helion Prime) and Sozos Michael (ex-Helion Prime, Planeswalker)
10. Reawakening (6:54)
11. Kong at the Gates (Misfits Cover)

Pre-Order the album through their Official Website: Helionprimemetal.com

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