[News] Drifting Sun announce the release of “Twilight” on vinyl

Drifting Sun have announced an appeal to bring their 2017 release “Twilight” out on vinyl.

Pat Sanders comments: “We are incredibly pleased to offer you guys a one off chance to own some Drifting Sun music on vinyl for the very first time, and hear the classic album Twilight in the way music should be heard.” He believes the “maturity of the writing and musicianship of the highest of standards created a defining moment in the development of this studio project! The rich deep production, broad soundscapes and complex harmonies are perfectly suited to warmth of the vinyl experience.

The band are pledging to all fans who would like to see the album issued as a vinyl release an opportunity to make it happen. Once the required amount is reached, the record will go into production. “As per the nature of every pledge, we are bound to reach the amount set in the pledge to put the project to fruition, or all those who have invested in the pledge will be fully reimbursed… we have complete faith that this is something we can achieve!

The release will be a double album of the original record, plus an extra bonus song. The discs, pressed on 180gr quality vinyl, will be offered in a gatefold jacket with colour-printed labels, poly-lined inner sleeves in black, and delivered shrink-wrapped. The record will retain the original Twilight artwork and will contain song lyrics and photos of the band. The album is priced at £25 per copy + postage (£5 for UK orders, £7 for order to the EU, and £10 for rest of the world).

Sanders add: “As a special token of our appreciation for your commitment to this exciting project, everyone who places an order during the pledge (that is, until we have received enough orders to launch manufacturing of the actual disc) will get their name mentioned in the thank you section on the album sleeve.

Pre-orders are now open and pledges can be made here: https://qrates.com/projects/19733

300 copies of this limited edition will be created.

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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