[News] Drifting Sun publish “Singled Out” a compilation of B-Sides

Official Press Release from Drifting Sun Official Website

We have some great news to announce for Drifting Sun!

Over the years, we have put out quite a number of bonus songs, as part of ‘B’ sides of our various singles.

As you know, these tracks were available in digital format only up until today, and we always thought it was a shame these songs never made it onto a physical album – not because they weren’t good enough of course (!!) -but as part of promoting our albums they ended up as downloads only and not on the main albums themselves!

We have therefore decided to compile these yet unreleased tunes into a cool CD just for you guys!

The compilation – aptly named ‘Singled Out’ – will offer 12 tracks in total, all packaged in a classy 6-panel Digipak, with a full-colour 12-page booklet, containing tunes ranging from cute little solo piano pieces to full-blown band anthems, to some interesting demos, various outtakes and oldies from the past… all nicely packed and ready to enjoy!

Check it out, pre-orders start today and official CD release date is planned for December 9th!

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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