[News] Dumbsaint debut album “Something That You Feel Will Find Its Own Form” 10th Anniversary Release

Something That You Feel Will Find Its Own Form is the debut full- length album from Sydney-based instrumental trio Dumbsaint. Concluding several years of writing and performing, the album is a collection of original compositions demonstrating the band’s talent for blending engaging melodies with demanding musical dynamics.

As part of the Bird’s Robe Records 10th anniversary re-release series, the album will celebrate a decade with a re-release on CD and digital formats this May.

Combining minimalistic ambient sections with moments of intense heaviness and complexity, Dumbsaint takes a deliberately darker and more technical approach to the conventions of the ‘post-rock’ genre.

Watch Dumbsaint – Lying In Sign Official video below:

Well known for presenting a live show in which sound and image interact in the form of an onstage filmic ‘installation’, Dumbsaint are also making available five original videos as a download option with this album release. This will be the first time these visual pieces have been made available for viewing outside of a live performance.

Stream Dumbsaint – Don’t Forget To Bring Down The Sky official video below:

Dumbsaint were originally brought together by love of film and experimental music in 2007. Since then the band has developed a strong local following playing alongside numerous local and international acts including; Russian Circles (USA), Earth (USA), Sleep ParadeSydoniasleepmakeswavesWe Lost The SeaTangled Thoughts Of Leaving, and Headphones President (JPN). Well respected for their attention to detail, and ability to produce a sound that is deceivingly larger than a three piece, they have won numerous awards with Andrews most recently winning Most Outstanding Drummer 2011 at the annual Noisies Alternative Music Awards.

Something That You Feel Will Find Its Own Form is an opportunity to discover the epic, dynamic and unique sounds of Dumbsaint.

1. Rivers Will Be Crossed 
2. Cinematic 
3. Lying in Sign 
4. Don’t Forget To Bring Down The Sky
5. Int. A Cheerless Room. A Man Is Scared 
6. Inwaking
7. She Was His 
8. I Am An Image

Order: https://birdsrobe.bandcamp.com/album/something-that-you-feel-will-find-its-own-form

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