[News] Echo Us announce their new upcoming album “The Windsong Spires”

The Windsong Spires” brings Echo Us’ musical journey back to Earth’s atmosphere: weaving ethereal, classical voice with its trademark ambient sound waves. The titles of the two and three part suites form a continuous musical story, and act as an interpretive metaphor for the listener.

Composer and project producer Ethan Matthews began working on the album shortly after the release of the Celtic-themed “To Wake a Dream in Moving Water” in late 2017. “The Windsong Spires” is Echo Us’ sixth full-length release.

“In concert with the Celtic waves of To Wake a Dream in Moving Water, hammered dulcimer and bodhran make ample appearance but are augmented by the drumming of Andrew Greene. Andrew recorded drums for 2009’s The Tide Decides and has performed and recorded with numerous Pacific Northwest groups. Windsong Spires features the voice of Charlotte Engler, who has sung with Portland, Oregon bands like Daydream Machine and The Whole Wide World, and frequently performs with choral ensembles Cantores in Ecclesia and Cappella Romana. Charlotte takes lead vocal duties alongside Ethan on the progressive-pop anthem “If You Can Imagine” and others.

Matthew’s mainstay in his early years, Greyhaven, is still known today as one of the pioneering, independent bands of the 1990s Progressive Metal/Rock scene, having combined new age ambient music with Progressive Metal.

Since 2005 Echo Us has released multiple critically acclaimed albums in the fields of Progressive Rock, Ambient, and World Music, collaborated with Grammy-nominated vocalist Henta and others, and received NPR airplay (Echoes Radio, top 25 Oct.-Dec. 2017). In 2012 Echo Us won an Independent Music Award (Best Eclectic) for their album, “Tomorrow Will Tell The Story.”

The Windsong Spires” will be released June 22, 2021. Pre-orders are open through the Echo Us official website: https://echous.net/store

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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