[News] Electric Fence published the official video for the track “Acid Mississipi” from upcoming album

Electric Fence is a Rock band based in Madrid (Spain) with two decades of music under their belt. After a few years with no original music published (never really a hiatus, though), they now announce the forthcoming release of their fourth album, “Iron Surgery,” from which they recently published their first single: “Acid Mississippi,” with its corresponding offficial video (designed with the latest IAs  technologies). Watch the video through the YouTube player below:

The story behind these musicians is extensive, but they have finally formed a stable lineup: with the powerful vocals of Gorjo, the solid and experienced rhythmic foundation of Dudu (bass) and Luis (drums) and the hard-hitting riffs of Sergio (guitars, production) the band is ready to once again be a national reference in their genre. They already are an absolute benchmark of the Madrid underground Rock and Roll scene, having shared stage with renowned artists such as Blackberry Smoke, Danko Jones, Super 400, Electric Mary, Supagroup and legendary Spanish bands such as TEA or Sex Museum.

This new LP represents both the consolidation of their sound and an evolution of it, offering new textures, exploring darker passages, and even letting themselves being carried away by moments of pure Psychedelic ecstasy. However, they somehow manage to stay true to themselves and their usual Hard Rock style.

“Acid Mississippi” is the first of several singles that will form the backbone of a new collection of songs under the title Iron Surgery, whose final release will take place early next year.

Iron Surgery is a 100% DIY album: produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by guitarist of the band, Sergio Gabaldón. In addition to its digital release, it will go on sale in 12-inch vinyl format in a limited edition, with graphic art by New York-based artist Juan Astasio, an old friend and former member of the band.

In the words of the musicians themselves: Iron Surgery has a somewhat dark aesthetic, musically and visually. In fact, some of the lyrics might evoke stories with a certain Lovecraftian aftertaste… Although of course, others talk directly about sex, beers and rock&roll!

Pre-Add/Pre-Save the album here: https://ingrv.es/iron-surgery-9ip-j


  1. The devil’s game
  2. Sex, beers, Rock&Roll (Pre-Save 30-11-2023)
  3. Kill your masters
  4. Black soul (Pre-Save 29-12-2023)
  5. Acid Mississippi (Single 05-10-2023)
  6. The island (Pre-Save 3-11-2023)
  7. Iron surgery


Edu Morales “Dudu” / Bass
Jorge Coello “Gorjo” / Vocal
Sergio Gabaldón “Serch” / Guitar
Luis Maldonado “Tonono” / Drums

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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