[News] Elevate Records reissues first album by Rod Sacred for Metal Relics series

Official Elevate Records Press Release:

We are happy to announce that Elevate Records has acquired the rights to reissue the previously absent Rod Sacred album on a digital platform.

And now a bit of history :): after a professional Demo tape entitled “1988” which was very successful with audiences and critics, the group leaves for a long Italian tour that touched numerous cities and reached its apex in Milan in a legendary concert organized by Pino Scotto of Vanadium.

The reviews of the Tour are the decisive push towards the album that will be recorded in October 1989 at the Much More Studios in Florence. During the recording Franco Onnis and the manager of Rod (Klaus Byron) went to Discomagic in Milan with only a few pieces of the record in hand but managed to sign a recording contract.

The album was released in January 1990 and was immediately a success, followed by a second promotional tour. The major German magazine Metal Hammer writes: “the best emerging band in Europe in 1990“, dozens of radios and newspapers both Italian and foreign ask for interviews and interventions, meanwhile the tour continues unabated with dozens of dates.

In ’91 Rod Sacred were the second best emerging band in a national referendum called by Metal Shock.

Metal Relics is a bet for Elevate Records which intends to bring the great albums of the past to the digital platform that until now have been excluded.

Stay tuned for the release date and as usual: Elevate Yourself.

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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