[News] Flowerleaf release ”We Will Stand” lyric video

On May 22nd, Symphonic metallers FLOWERLEAF released their new lyric video ”We Will Stand”, from their debut album, “Stronger”.

“We Will Stand” is a duet between FLOWERLEAF’s singer Vivs Takahashi and Marina La Torraca (PHANTOM ELITEEXIT EDEN). 

“This a song about not lowering your head to what other people are saying and that together we are stronger”, says Vivs“So it made sense to invite more people to be a part of it and celebrate this message. We are very happy that Nadine Mittmann(CONSPIRIA), Kelly Thans (PANDORA’S KEY), Bas´ak Ceber (DREAM OCEAN), Sara Vanderheyden (CATHUBODUA) and Aliki Katriou (EIGHT LIVES DOWN) accepted our invitation”

The video was made by Grazy Mesquita.

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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