[News] Foreign Waves published the official video for “Hivemind” full album stream

American based Progressive Metal project Foreign Waves published the official video for “Hivemind” full album stream on the band leader John Carpenter YouTube channel. Stream it through the player below:

Hybridization techniques are methodically attempted to develop more effective ecological interactions. While maintaining the innate desire to survive and propagate, an increase in inherent intelligence and resilience will mark the birth of a more influential element. This new form will ultimately become another constituent in the dense fabric of universal transcendence. After completion of analytical scans and countless trials, the Observer is approaching the conclusion of this experiment.

Purchase the album on Bandcamp: https://foreignwaves.bandcamp.com/album/hivemind


  1. Adrift (0:48)
  2. Remnants (7:02)
  3. Recovery (7:09)
  4. Manifest (5:22)
  5. Resilient (7:37)
  6. Reanimate (6:29)
  7. Sympathize (2:45)
  8. Empathize (4:42)
  9. Anomalous (8:46)
  10. Ephemeral (8:27)


Jonathan Carpenter / All Instruments, Vocals

Chris Corey / Bass Guitar (2, 9)
Jordan Gaboian / Guitar Solo (2)
Joey Rohr / Bass Solo (5)
Icaro Paiva / Guitar Solo (5)
Luke Boismer / Bass Guitar (6)
Karisten Carpenter / Additional Vocals (6)
Joey Izzo / Keyboard Solo (6)
Joey Rohr / Bass Guitar (7, 8)
Charles Caswell / Guitar Solo (9)
Peter Oliviera / Guitar Solo (10)

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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