[News] Former Rainbow keyboardist Tony Carey release iconic “Pink World” album onto vinyl

In 1983 former Rainbow keyboardist Tony Carey had written a lot of material that didn’t fit the style of the album “Some Tough City” he was working on at that time. The material he had written was not only Experimental, but it was more Progressive than his normal Pop-oriented Rock releases. Hence the birth of the pseudonym Planet P Project that Tony Carey uses to distinguish
this Experimental music with his normal Pop-oriented Rock releases.
Renaissance Records has announced the arrival of the reissue of “Pink World” by Planet P Project.

Pink World” is a Progressive Rock album with Experimental and science-fiction concepts. The album tells a dystopian story of a group of people who we’re sheltered from nuclear attacked in an area called the Zone, which itself was created through the psychic powers of a speechless seven year old boy named, Artemus.

This iconic album has a lot of similar elements of the first Planet P Project album, but it follows a different narrative.” Jonie Lyle, inventory assistant assistant explains. “Each song takes you through Artemus’s special powers, struggles and his journey.”

This Deluxe 180g 2LP of “Pink World” includes a trading card of Tony Carey, restored liner notes, and lyric sheets.


Side 1

01. In The Woods
02. To Live Forever
03. Pink World
04. What I See
05. To Live Forever (Part 2)
06. Power
07. In The Forest

Side 2

01. A Boy Who Can’t Talk
02. The Stranger
03. What I See (Part 2)
04. The Shepherd
05. Behind The Barrier
06. Pink World Coming Down

Side 3

01. Breathe
02. This Perfect Place
03. What Artie Knows
04. In The Zone
05. Behind The Barrier (Part 2)
06. March Of The Artemis
07. This Perfect Place (Part 2)

Side 4

01. Letter From The Shelter
02. What Artie Knows (Part 2)
03. One Star Falling
04. Baby’s At The Door
05. Requiem
06. Boy Who Can’t Talk (Part 2)

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