[News] Gramma Vedetta published the music video for the single “Starlight Portal Show” from new album

London Stoner Rockers Gramma Vedetta published the music video for the third single “Starlight Portal Show” taken from their upcoming album “The Hum Of The Machine” scheduled for release on May 27, 2022 via Mandrone Records. Watch the official music video through the YouTube player below:

The band comments: “Starlight Portal Show is a theme tune for a show where human life is on display for everyone’s entertainment. Just turn on the screen on your preferred device and there you have the wide range of human feelings. There’s no vetting on entering the show, you can become one of the main characters, it’s all free. There’s just a catch: when a something is free, you’re usually the product on sale.

Launch into an alternate universe with Gramma Vedetta’s new album “The Hum Of The Machine.” The London-based dynamic trio draw inspiration from vintage sci-fi of the late 70s and early 80s. Heavily distorted guitars, soaring melodies and driving rhythms create a huge progressive sound that transcends this dimension.

We’re stoked by what we achieved with The Hum Of The Machine. This album is a complete audio and visual experience – we can’t stop listening to it. Each song has been crafted with great attention to detail and top-notch production. Talented illustrators helped us to translate our sounds to images and we can’t stop exploring it. With this album we have definitely reached a higher level, with our own sound, different from everything you ever heard before.

Forming in 2017, Gramma Vedetta released their debut EP “Proof Of Concept” in 2018 with a Grunge focus, followed by the 2020 EP “A.C.I.D Compliant” that leaned into Stoner Rock. The new album delves further into the Progressive world. “The Hum Of The Machine” is a collection of nine scenes that tell the story of a man who seeks to remain unique in a world where compliance ensures you a place in the upper echelons of society. “A Chance To Win The Orb” delivers an explosive opening to the album producing a wall of sound. Throughout the album the duo unleashes their creativity through different styles. The Fuzz-driven banger “Robots For War” precedes a darker, haunting atmosphere unveiled in “A Broken Time Machine,” while “The Future Of The Past” brings immense impact through the guitars and an incredibly catchy vocal hook.

Characterised by immense sounding riffs, down-tuned instruments and their passion for science fiction. Aptly portraying themes explored in Sci-Fi literature and films with their own distinctive vision, Gramma Vedetta have designed a thrilling album. “The Hum Of The Machine” is an exploration into the unknown that is not to be missed.

Daniele Murroni / Guitar & Vocals
Marco Basetta / Bass, Synth & Vocals
Paul Annis / Drums & Vocals

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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