[News] Guerssen Records to repress the album “Warning In The Sky” by Sabbatis

Sabattis were an underground Hard Rock band from New York formed in 1968 by Jim Marvin (guitar & lead vocals), Gary Culotta (keyboard and vocals), Larry Wegman (drums) and Rocky Kaler (bass).

Influenced by bands like Deep Purple, Mountain and Grand Funk Railroad, they gigged around town playing lot of Psychedelic clubs and venues. In 1970, they recorded a demo with the intention of securing a record deal which never came. The demo tape was in fact a fully finished album recorded and engineered by a friend from the band, Mick Gauzaski, who despite using a homemade studio, managed to obtain a real pro sound. No wonder Mick is now a multiple winner Grammy award!

The Sabattis‘ demo remained unreleased until 2011 when Jargon Records discovered the tapes and put out a CD edition with the band involvement.

So we’re proud to present a new reissue of “Warning In The Sky,” remastered from the original tapes and including an insert with rare photos and liner notes by Klemen Breznikar (It’s Psychedelic Baby).

Sabbatis sound is powerful Heavy Psych sound with swirling Hammond organ and hard guitar which brings to mind other obscure acts like Jungle.

Stream the official promo video through the YouTube player below:

Pre-Order the Black LP Veriosn here: https://guerssen.com/product/warning-in-the-sky

Pre-Order the Blue LP Veriosn here: https://guerssen.com/product/warning-in-the-sky-blue-lp

1. Everyday Is Cool – 2. Crystal Mirror – 3. Warning In The Sky
SIDE 2: 1. The Devil’s In You – 2. Green Glass And All That Jazz – 3. Conversation With Billy – 4. Bought And Sold

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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