[News] Hapnea published the new single “Prede E Maree”

There is a deep beat that opens “Prede E Maree,” the new single signed by Hapnea. Using again the production of Frankie Wah of Little Pieces Of Marmelade, the trio from the Marche region offers another piece full of content and sonic charm.

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Purchase and Stream the single here: https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/hapnea/prede-e-maree

Our “madre azzurra piena di lividi” complains and witnesses her own destruction, day after day. The North Pole melts and we remain to watch and breathe “Fiamme alte, giorni infranti, sciolta neve, l’anidride nelle vene.”

Hapnea remind us of what happens every day before our eyes, inviting us to change to avoid being “prede delle nostre vecchie idee“. Another great song by a group increasingly aware of their talent.

Prede e maree” is a song that we had the pleasure of recording in the studio of a dear friend together with other friends. It was an intense and very satisfying experience. For us the piece is an admission of guilt. Each of us is drifting this planet adrift and the worst of it is that we are all aware of it. Small daily actions would be enough to respect the environment and the other living beings with whom we share these lands a little more. The human being tends to self-destruct, he becomes prey to himself.

Hapnea is a Blues/Soul Rock band from the province of Macerata (Marche) formed by Paolo Tasso on drums/percussion/synth, Lorenzo Cespi on bass and Gabriel Medina on vocals/electric guitar.

In 2020 they release for Homeless Records their first ep “Hangover & Love” recorded at the Homeless Factory with the production of Frankie Wah (Little Pieces Of Marmelade).

They are the winners of the Homeless Fest 13 and with their single “Panama” entered the ranking of the 30 best Italian independent video clips of 2021.

In 2022 they publish new material recorded at Nicola Giorgetti‘s Indipendente Recording Sudio again with the collaboration of Frankie Wah.

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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