[News] Harmonize publish the video for the title-track of the new album “Warrior In The Night”

Official Harmonize Press Release:


We hope we find you all well! 2020 has been a rather unconventional year for all of us. As this year has come to an end, we found the opportunity to summarise our 2020 journey, as we are one of the bands that released an album during this difficult time.

Harmonize faced multiple challenges until the release of our debut album, because of issues caused by past members and certain events. However, despite what has occurred, this has also been a very significant year for us, as the current line-up has bonded, having worked very hard, hence becoming very productive.

The album was recorded, following all necessary procedures in order to be released. We have also produced two music videos of ‘Warrior in the Night’ and ‘Angel’ (acoustic version), and three lyric videos of songs from our album..

We created a website (www.harmonizeofficial.com) where we keep all the relevant information about the band and our work. One can also purchase a physical copy of our album and our merch from our online shop with free  worldwide shipping.

We have collaborated with notable individuals for the release of our album ‘Warrior in the Night’. We would specifically like to thank Blynd vocalist, Andreas Paraschos for his participation in the recording of our song ‘Tonight’, Sofianos Charalambides and Kyriacos Lorentzos for the production, Giannis Nakos of Remedy Art Design for the artwork, Phivos Papadopoulos from Pitch Black Records for all the help, Grand Sounds PR, Marian Nicolaou’s great Angels PR team, Powercord Music’s management and all magazines and sites for the articles, reviews and interviews.

Besides our self released album, we have also taken part in the ‘Imagination Song Contest’ by Blind Guardian with the song ‘Another Holy War’. The experience was a memorable one, as getting into the recording studio for something like this, motivated us to continue working on material for our next album. We are extremely satisfied with the pace of the work in progress and can’t wait to see its evolution and the final outcome.

Along with the new songs, we continue to write our original fantasy fiction story, which happens to be the main concept of Harmonize.

Finally, we would like to wholeheartedly thank all of you for your support. The feeling of support by our audience is especially important for us. We hope for a much better and far more promising 2021, without pandemics, wars or a worldwide social unrest. Instead, we hope for a peaceful year, offering health, prosperity and compassionate humanity, with an abundance of creativity, full of metal, live gigs and festivals!

George Constantinou
Sozos Michael
Panayiotis Takkides
Lambros Apousianas
Harrys Peratikas
Nicolina Papas
Arsenios Agisilaou
George Kyriakides

Watch the video for the title-track of the new album “Warrior In The Night“:

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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