[News] Helmet Of Gnats to release the album “Travelogue”

Helmet Of Gnats‘s new album “Travelogue” to release the new album “Travelogue” via Ambient Records, below the details from the label’s Official Website:

Helmet Of Gnats‘s new album “Travelogue” is now available for pre-order HERE  
CDs will begin shipping on December 10, 2020.
And in early 2021, all HoG releases will be made available on streaming platforms.
A vinyl release of Travelogue is also scheduled for 2021.

This CD release on Ambient Records features cutting-edge electronic fusion by a classic Guitar, Keyboard, Bass and Drum line up. The basic tracks were recorded live in the studio with little overdubbing. The result is an organic blend of cutting-edge music and technology.

About The Music:
Featuring electric guitar, multi-keyboards, electric bass and drums, Helmet Of Gnats’ sound is reminiscent of the classic Rock/Jazz Fusion movement of the early to middle 1970’s. This classic lineup carries the torch that was lit by the originators of Fusion while bringing the music into new and uncharted territory. Challenging compositions, melodic passages and blazing execution are hallmarks of this band.

The Technology:
24bit/176.4kHz digital conversion was used to make this multi-track recording, providing a similar wide analog bandwidth to DSD64. All songs were mixed on a custom analog console with analog outboard gear in the analog domain. A combination of custom made digital, vacuum tube and discrete solid-state equipment was used. The result is a very musical sounding recording with plenty of harmonics and rich textures reminiscent of the best of 1970’s fusion recordings.

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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