[News] Hot Alien Sauce publish a video for “Wondering Why” from upcoming album

“Wondering Why” is the title of the new Hot Alien Sauce single, the Palermo band supporting the alien hard / stoner rock released on October 7th.

After years of live activity, Hot Alien Sauce present today the single “Wondering Why”, first excerpt from “Seeking Glory”, a work with a mature and unique sound coming out as self-production.
The roots of the Palermo quartet are firmly rooted in the best hard rock tradition of the 70s and 80s, to then infect with the more distant genres: from reggae to fusion, from prog to punk. For this reason the band has coined its own genre, “l’alien hard / stoner rock”: mixing the different ingredients, what you get is a real spicy alien sauce!

“Wondering Why” is the single that anticipates the release of the “Seeking Glory” album, which will soon debut.

The individual transports us to the story of a character who divides public opinion. While expressing simple concepts of openness and sharing, the protagonist remains in the balance between those who hail him as a new messiah and those who accuse him of being a charlatan, wondering why, “because he really”.

“Wondering Why” is a sensory crescendo, where Fulvio Di Piazza’s drums enclose the dialogue between the guitars of Renato Provvidera and Mimmo Pipitò and the hypnotic bass by Fabrizio Passalacqua. The instruments thus establish a fusion and a sound clash, like an ideal mirror to the text composed by the frontman, Renato Provvidera, who in the piece plays the role of the unfortunate prophet. You can listen and buy “Wondering Why” on the main digital platforms.


Hot Alien Sauce is a group based in Palermo and active since 2014. Born from the collaboration of Renato Provvidera on vocals, acoustic and rhythm guitar, Fabrizio Passalacqua on bass, Mimmo Pipitò on guitar and Fulvio Di Piazza on drums, Hot Alien Sauce propose to shake the most diverse genres with hard rock, to create an alien and captivating sound.

After a long live activity, in 2017 Hot Alien Sauce decided to enter the studio and produce their first album, recorded at the Roxy Studio in Palermo, entitled “Seeking Glory”.
The official release date for “Seeking Glory” has not yet been announced.

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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