[News] Iguana unveil the official video for the track “Rites Of Passages” taken from their latest album

German Psychedelic/Krautrock band Iguana unveil the official video for the track “Rites Of Passages” taken from their latest album “Translational Symmetry” out on November 15, 2019 via Tonzonen Records. Watch the video through the YouTube player below:

It feels more than banal these days, sometimes inappropriate, to make music, play concerts and release videos. There are far more important things, let’s take a look at the world and the neighboring crisis areas. Nevertheless, Iguana will release another video single from their current record “Translational Symmetry” with “Rites Of Passages” on March 31, 2022 – as a short escapism, as a short, Psychedelic escape, as a short smile in dark times, so to speak. If you also activate the inserted subtitles of the YouTube video, the ironic Dadaism will hopefully be able to conjure up a little smile on the face of every karaoke friend. And after that we get back to the important things!

With “Rites Of PassagesIguana release the third video from their current record “Translational Symmetry.” Contrary to the gloomy lyrics of the album, the song is a sunny, almost 9-minute ode to wild Psych Rock riffs and sprawling Kraut jams of days gone by. Absolutely unsuitable for radio on the one hand. And on the other hand, still catchy, fresh and danceable. Even suitable for singalong! Because the subtitles of the video radiate karaoke potential. Too bad, that “Rites Of Passages” is a pure instrumental song ?? and with that the subtitles become an ironic, dadaistic deconstruction of the song.

Purchase the album on Bandcamp: https://iguana.bandcamp.com/album/translational-symmetry


01. Time Translation Symmetry 04:32
02. Below The Hinderlands 04:29
03. Leaving Crete 03:44
04. The Fish Code 03:15
05. Vessel Meerkatze 04:38
06. Rites Of Passages 08:42
07. Hear The Kid Out 03:37
08. Repeating Odd Dream 05:01
09. Spinning Top 06:05


Alexander Lörinczy / Vocals, Guitar, Synthesizer
Alexander May / Bass
Robert Meier / Drums
Thomas May / Guitar, Synthesizer

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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