[News] Imaginærium unveil the video teaser for the upcoming concept album “The Rise of Medici”

Eric Bouillette, a French composer, guitarist, violinist and a member of numerous rock and progressive rock bands, including Nine SkiesThe RoomSolace SuppliceWilder’s Folly and others, has set up a new international project involving some well-known musicians from the UK and Italy. With the thought of the forthcoming album “The Rise of Medici,” Eric has signed a deal with a French record label, Anesthetize Productions. More details about the project, the musicians and the album will be revealed soon.

Imaginaerium announcement: “It is with great pleasure that we announce the name of Eric Bouillette’s new project. After a great deal of thought and discussion, the key members have agreed to release their first album under the name ‘Imaginærium’.

You can read all the details revealed to date through the band’s Official Website, the links below:

The Name of the Project and the Lead Vocalist Revealed!

Clive Nolan Joins Imaginaerium!

It is with great pleasure that we welcome Elena Vladyuk to Imaginaerium!

It is our great pleasure to welcome Scott Higham to Imaginaerium!

We are pleased to welcome the bassist Gokhan Ince to Imaginaerium!

Cover of the forthcoming “The Rise of Medici” album

We are happy to announce Andy Sears as one of the four solo singers on the forthcoming Imaginaerium album “The Rise of Medici”

Watch the official video teaser of the album through the YouTube player below:

Below are the Official links of the band and the label to stay up to date on the latest news on the project:

Imaginærium |Official Website|Facebook Page|Twitter|YouTube Channel|

Anesthetize Productions |Official Website|Bandcamp|Facebook Page|Twitter|Instagram|YouTube Channel|

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