[News] Incipit Ars Nova publish the first single ever “Canti di Satiri” originally composed in ’70s

Incipit Ars Nova, an Italian Progressive Rock band from Vercelli since 1973, releases its first single of their career entitled “Canti di Satiri” via Ænima Recordings. Listen to the track track through the Spotify player below:

A song that was born together with Progressive Rock in the early seventies but remained closed in the casket until this year, in which it was recorded and released through Ænima Recordings, specialized in the rediscovery and enhancement of a somewhat intellectual genre but still very much loved and followed, in Italy and especially abroad.

Incipit Ars Nova have a second single in store for us this fall.


Peo Ranghino / Keyboards
Claudio Saveriano / Drums
Dino Fiore / Bass
Alberto Bocchino / Guitar
Ilaria Pugno / Vocal
Marco Saveriano / Sax

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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