[News] Isolation Dawn unveil the official video for the track “Isolation Dawn”

The Isolation Dawn project appears in mid-2020 amid the social isolation resulting from the pandemic, with both positive and negative developments in several aspects. Hyper coexistence, apprehension about the future and greater access to instruments, all converged in an attempt to put into practice a somewhat bold idea: a “collab Doom” formed by members of different bands of the genre.

Thus, guitarist Leandro Carvalho (ERASY) initially calls bassist Anderson Vaca (PESTA) and drummer Flávio Cavichioli (WEEDEVIL), consulting them about the idea. Without hesitation, approval happens. So, Leandro calls guitarist André Bode (RIFFCOVEN) and vocalist Thiago Satyr (WITCHING ALTAR/ABSENT), who also approve the idea and join the project. There is a suggestion by Flávio for the addition of one more voice in the band, and so Melissa Rainbow is added and closes the lineup. Additionally, Satyr calls Luan Lima (ABSENT) to contribute with Keyboards, and Pedro Vitus is invited to co-produce and mix and master the debut material, which resulted in a solid audiovisual for the track “Isolation Dawn,” edited by Berns, made by masterfully with clippings and videos of different formats.

Musically, the group’s debut track is a powerful and pulsating sound panel dedicated to Doom Metal, with explicit references, and more implicit ones, from several traditional names of the genre, in addition to presenting some of the musical DNA of each member and of their respective other projects. “Isolation Dawn” is scheduled for release on March 10, 2022 via Abraxas. Watch the official video for the track through the YouTube player below:

Isolation Dawn is:
Thiago Satyr / Vocals
Melissa Rainbow / Vocals
Anderson Vaca / Bass
André Bode / Guitars
Leandro Carvalho / Guitars
Flavio Cavichioli / Drums

Guest Musician: Luan Lima / Keyboards

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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