[News] Japanese Doom witch duo Blacklab share a live session video for the track “Weed Dream”

Osaka, Japan based self-proclaimed Doom witch duo Blacklab share a live session video for the track “Weed Dream” taken from their latest full-length album “In A Bizarre Dream,” out on August 19, 2022 via New Heavy Sounds. Watch the video through the YouTube player below:

The ‘Doom witch duo from Osaka, Japan’ aka Blacklab specially recorded live in session in London’s Reservoir Studios ahead of their Desertfest appearance in 2022. Weed Dream is taken from their third album In A Bizarre Dream. Thanks to Chris Clarke/Reservoir Studios, Tom Mowforth and Ged Murphy for putting it together.

In A Bizarre Dream” ups the ante considerably, to let rip and define what Blacklab are about. The combined talents of Jun Morino on production and Wayne Adams (Big Lad, Green Lung, Pet Brick, John, Cold In Berlin) on the mix have conspired to produce a towering beast of a record. A real step forward for the ‘Doom Witch Duo.’

The drums have a humungous ‘Fugazi’ like welly, and the guitars are a boiling maelstrom of Fuzz dense riffola and warped Psychedelics, with added synth. Yuko’s throat shredding snarls are as mean as a pissed off Satan, and melodious, often within the same song. This is Doom meets Hardcore Punk, hooky melodies, and killer riffs, all cranked up to the max. Plus there’s a real surprise in there with Laetitia Sadier of Stereolab contributing lead vocals on one track.

Japan has always had a special take on ‘noise’ and ‘heavy’ and with “In A Bizarre DreamBlacklab add their own spin to that tradition.

Purchase the album on bandcamp: https://blacklabmoon.bandcamp.com/album/in-a-bizarre-dream

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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