[News] Jimmy Page presents the new documentary “Becoming Led Zeppelin” at the Venice International Film Festival

Jimmy Page presented on Saturday, September 4, 2021 the new official documentary “Becoming Led Zeppelin” at the Venice International Film Festival. Below is the interview with Fred Film Radio and a short preview clip of the documentary. Watch the videos through the YouTube player below:

When we first met (with the producers) we were probably a little nervous about each other. But the main road was the storyboard,Jimmy Page said. “And I thought they really understood what we were talking about.

Unlike the previous proposals, which had been “rather unhappy. Miserable, so much so that he wants to concentrate on everything except music. ‘Becoming Led Zeppelin’, on the other hand, is “something totally different.

Directed by Bernard MacMahon, the film follows the band’s rise to success and also features new interviews with members Jimmy Page, Robert Plant and John Paul Jones and an old interview with the late John Bonham.

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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