[News] Jordan Rudess & Friends publish official promo single “Meta Morning Mist” in 3D Audio

Jordan Rudess & Friends in 3D Audio is an immersive 360° audio and video music experience.

Three outstanding musicians: Jordan Rudess, Steve Horelick, and Jerry Marotta gathered at the Dreamland Recording Studios for a spectacular and singular concert. This amazing event was captured by multiple 360° cameras and ZYLIA 6DoF solution for 3D Audio recording.

Watch the official promo single for the track “Meta Morning Mist” through the YouTube player below:

In the piece “Meta Morning Mist” you will hear 3 outstanding musicians: Jordan Rudess (grand piano and synthesizers), Steve Horelick (modular synth and live audio processing on a quadrophonic set), and Jerry Marotta (percussion). During one evening at the Dreamland Recording Studios, Woodstock, New York they have recorded a special concert with the use of the ZYLIA 6 Degrees of Freedom (6DoF) solution. In conjunction with the mapping of traditional recordings and 360 cameras, you can experience the music in a really immersive way.

Visit: https://bit.ly/JR3DaudioZyliaYT to be notified about the premiere of the full concert.

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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