[News] Spirit Detective publish the album version for “Planet Delusion” from debut album

Gelsenkirchen, Germany based four-piece Psychedelic Stoner Rock band Spirit Detective released their debut album “Planet Delusion” on September 3, 2021. The band also published the album version for the title-track, stream it through the YouTube player below:

Planet Delusion” is available now as limited edition vinyl and CD on Bandcamp: spiritdetectivemusic.bandcamp.com


  1. Into Delusion
  2. Hello From Below
  3. The Devils Hand
  4. Planet Delusion
  5. Becoming
  6. Illusion Mind
  7. Phantom Of The Night
  8. Voices From The Grave
  9. Son Of Sam

In search for freedom and peace of mind in a supersonic soundscape full of fuzz and experience.

Planet Delusion” is the debut full-length album by the German band Spirit Detective. The album brings back the vibes of the early 70s, the hard riffing from their forefathers is fused with their own heavier touch that creates a supersonic soundscape full of experience. That makes a hybrid out of the music from the empty coal landscapes, close to the well-known desert sounds which is combined with the heavy culture of our home area, known for his steel and mining history.

Andi Schneider / Guitar, Vocals
Ben Timmerhaus / Guitar, Synth
Lukas Speichert / Bass
Nico Iserloh / Drums, Percussion

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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