[News] Kadavar and Elder release the new single “El Matador” via Robotor Records

Eldovar (Kadavar and Elder) release the new single “El Matador” feat. Kristof Hahn via Robotor Records. The song originates from the first session Elder and Kadavar did together in March 2021. At the end of a long jam session an early version of the song developed, later to be expanded with an acoustic intro, lyrics and a guest appearance by Kristof Hahn (Swans) with his distinctive lap steel guitar. Watch the official video through the YouTube player below:

The corresponding music video shows scenes of the freshly released movie “Burning Casablanca (Zanka Contact),” which Kadavar played a small role in. The story with the German Rockers and director Ismael El Iraki goes way back. 

As El Iraki recalls: “Three days after the worst night if my life surviving the Bataclan terrorist attack, Kadavar brought me back from the dead with an amazing live set in Paris. A few years later, they did the same for the main character of my movie Burning Casablanca (Zanka Contact) by playing a crazy live set for hours and hours, all shot on 35mm film and in Cinemascope!

Kadavar bring to their music the same authentic and analogic feeling I crave in my favorite movies, be it Dracula or Sergio Leone. I believe in synesthesia and their music is one you listen to with your whole senses : every Kadavar track summons images and colours, feelings and sensations. Theirs is hallucinatory music, pure witchcraft. These are true artists who are unafraid to turn the inner eye inside and take a journey into the darkest depths of their souls : and what they bring back is mesmerizing music with poetic lyrics to match, fusing deeply experimental sounds and unforgettable earworm riffs. 


You can listen and Pre-Order your copy here: https://kadavarelder.lnk.to/ELDOVAR

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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