[News] Kanaan to release “Diversions Vol. 2: Enter the Astral Plane” and reveal first single “Blitz”

Fuzzed out Norwegian Psych Rock trio Kanaan to release “Diversions Vol. 2: Enter the Astral Plane” and reveal first single “Blitz.” Purchase and Stream the track on Bandcamp:

We have a new album coming out November 10th! This one is the second volume in our “Diversions” series, and is a collection of fully improvised Kanaan recordings – our first proper jam album, titled “Enter the Astral Plane.”

Available on our Bandcamp now in four different colours, limited pressing of a 100 of each. Great cover by Robin Gnista, once again released by Jansen Records!

Pre-Order: https://kanaanband.bandcamp.com/album/diversions-vol-2-enter-the-astral-plane

No Composition, No Ego, Psych as Religion

Kanaan never rests. Having already released one album and completed two successful European tours in 2023, you would think they’d be happy to catch a breather. But not these guys. In November, volume two in their free-flowing session/impro series, Diversions will be released.

Diversions Vol. 2: Enter the Astral Plane” is a collection of improvised compositions recorded in 2021. The record shows a different side of Kanaan, where the aim is to explore different states of mind and musical spaces where collective improvisation is at the forefront. Improvisation has been an important part of the band’s live shows from day one, but it hasn’t been as prominently documented on record – until now.

Freed from the constraints of song structures, Kanaan’s eminent musicianship and boundless creativity is allowed to run wild. These new musical pieces vary between explosivity and youthful exuberance (“Blitz”), combined with a more mature and patient approach to song development (“Enter the Astral Plane”).

Kanaan citing Cream, Jimi Hendrix at the Atlanta Pop Festival, CAN, The Heads, Hawkwind and Ash Ra Temple as inspirations and references should give an idea of the sounds that await the listener. The band states this motto as the ethos for their own brand of space rock: No composition – No ego – Psych as religion.


01. Enter the Astral Plane
02. Aura
03. Blitz
04. Rough Air


Ask Vatn Strøm / Electric Guitars
Eskild Myrvoll / Bass and Synthesizers
Ingvald André Vassbø / Drums and Organ

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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