[News] Karmic Link unveil visualizers for two new singles

After the release of their third album “Dark Metropolis” in 2018, Progressive/Gothic Metal act Karmic Link return with two new singles. “Lovers & Liars” and “Brave New Fear” can be streamed as visualizers via YouTube player. All vocals & instruments recorded at SoundHouse Studios Athens. Produced by Stathis Kassios & George Frangelis, mixed by George Frangelis & Stathis Kassios at SoundHouse Studios Athens (June/July 2020), and mastered by George Frangelis.

Watch the video for “Lovers & Liars” below:

Purchase the track through Bandcamp: Lovers & Liars | Karmic Link (bandcamp.com)

Karmic Link‘s mastermind Stathis Kassios comments about these new tracks: “Before continuing working on the upcoming 4th Karmic link official studio album, I entered my favorite creative lab, SoundHouse Studios in Athens for an artistic intermission that gave birth to the creation and recording of 2 brand new Karmic Link songs. The songs are completely different stylistically from our previous releases as I experimented with acoustic analog sounds in the overall production, performed classical guitars, raw vocals, piano and other non-electronic or digital instruments. My good friend and sound engineer George Frangelis recorded and performed percussion instruments like cajon, shaker and congas.

“Prepare your aural experience for something completely different although Karmic Link has always been a surrealistic experiment morphed into Dark music with dystopian lyrics & philosophical concepts. So much inspiration during Covid19 quarantine cannot be consumed or go wasted.”

Watch the video for “Brave New Fear” below:

Purchase the track through Bandcamp: Brave New Fear | Karmic Link (bandcamp.com)

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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