[News] Kerry Livgren (Kansas) announces the new upcoming solo album “Q.A.R.”

Kerry says: “Since I am currently nearing completion of the last two mixes, it’s time to announce my latest new album. The title is Q.A.R. (don’t ask). Featured vocalists are; John Elefante, Susan Shewbridge, Jake Livgren, Lynn Meredith, Warren Ham, Greg X. Volz, and Kerry Livgren. I sing background on several different tracks and yes, I actually do one of the lead vocals. I wouldn’t subject anyone to my voice, but in this case, I think it actually works. There are a couple of guest musicians who I must mention – Steve Morse and Robby Steinhardt. Q.A.R. has been several years in the making. Projected release date – soon

Susan Dodson Shewbridge says: “Another huge honor from the inimitable Kerry Livgren…He asked me to sing on his upcoming project and not too long before, he’d released the “Resurrection of Lazarus” in which I sang the role of Martha at his request. It is epic. I can’t wait to hear this new fruit of his prolific creativity and brilliance in its entirety. Once in awhile an ordinary life intersects with a well-known great. This happened to me in 1984 and I am so grateful. Be on the lookout! I’d say his offerings have been quite a bit more than some ‘ dust in the wind’! But isn’t it great when a writer doesn’t rest easy after successes or great difficulties, but continues to dig, plant, grow and share! 🙌🏼

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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