[News] King’s X guitarist Ty Tabor releases official music video for new solo single “Sister Genocide”

King’s X guitarist Ty Tabor has released a music video for “Sister Genocide,” the first single from his upcoming 11th solo album “Shades,” which arrives on March 4, 2022 via Rat Pak Records. “Shades” is not the only record Tabor has in store for this year, however; the long-awaited new album from King’s X is expected to arrive before the band heads to Europe this coming September and October. Watch the video through the YouTube player below:

Pre-order the new album on the label’s official website: https://ratpakrecordsamerica.com/ty-tabor

Ty Tabor |Official Website|Bandcamp|Facebook Page|Twitter|Instagram|Spotify|YouTube Channel|

Rat Pak Records |Official Website|Facebook Page|Twitter|Instagram|YouTube Channel|

Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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