[News] Leave’s Eye publish the official trailer of the new upcoming album ‘‘The Last Viking’’

Leaves’ Eyes will release a new album “The Last Viking” on October 23, 2020, via AFM Records. The disc will focus on the life and death of the king of Norway Harald III “Hardråde” Sigurdsson.

The trailer for the Viking Spirit documentary was recently released, which will accompany the disc if purchased in its “The Last Viking – Collector’s Edition” format. This particular edition of the album will contain, in addition to the CD and LP formats, a bonus CD containing the entire album in instrumental version, a variant edition of the disc cover, a sixty-page artbook and, indeed, the DVD of the documentary Viking Spirit, dedicated to the historical reenactment scene of the Viking era, which in Norway has been making a comeback in recent years.

Those who weren’t interested in the aforementioned edition of the new album “The Last Viking” or the Viking Spirit documentary may still be intrigued by the trailer below, since it contains a first taste of the unreleased track “Flames in the Sky“.

The disc will be a concept album focusing on the life and death of the king of Norway Harald III “Hardråde” Sigurdsson, an invader of England who died in the Battle of Stamford Bridge in September 1066.

This album will be the third chapter, as well as the final one, of the Viking Saga, started by the band in 2005 with the release of Vinland Saga and continued in 2015 with King Of Kings.

Production of the album was entrusted to Alexander Krull at the Mastersound Studios. The cover of the album, visible on the side, was created by Stefan Heilemann.

The album will consist of fourteen tracks on two CDs, which are listed below:

  1. Death of a King
  2. Chain of the Golden Horn
  3. Dark Love Empress
  4. Serpents and Dragons
  5. Black Butterfly (feat. Clémentine Delauney)
  6. War of Kings
  7. For Victory
  8. Two Kings One Realm
  9. Flames in the Sky
  10. Serkland
  11. Varangians
  12. Night of the Ravens
  13. The Last Viking
  14. Break into the Sky of Aeon

The single “Night of the Ravens” had already been released in August 2019, without the details of the album, listed above, being revealed at the time. Watch the official video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dP5L60bBIyg

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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