[News] Lord Elephant published the first single “Raktabija” taken from their upcoming debut album

Italian Space Rock riffers Lord Elephant have dropped the first single “Raktabija” taken from their upcoming debut album “Cosmic Awakening,” set to release on July 8, 2022 via Heavy Psych Sounds. Stream the track through the YouTube player below:

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Says the band: “The main inspiration for Raktabija is the name that it holds, an hinduist term that stands for “Blood” and “Seed”: every drop of blood spilled from the demon Raktabija in his battle against the goddess Kali, gives birth to other incarnations of the self, joining the forces to annihilate the Holy Power. Devastation and Rebirth are bonded forever, in a timeless circle that surrounds this track.

Cosmic Awakening” is the first offering ever released by Lord Elephant in its lifetime. Rather than concentrate ourselves on other outputs, we wanted to celebrate the long road made together as musician and human beings, that made as background in the progressive construction of this album, with a proper debut album, long in its creation as the band itself. Through the episodes of this journey, the trio experiences different moods and sounds on the path, sealing through the dreamy waves of Space and Acid Rock towards the perilous reef of Heavy Blues, Stoner and Sludge Metal, finding strength and inspiration in the solid cohesion that bound the three of us. Steady rooted in the Metal, Rock and Blues tradition, “Cosmic Awakening” tries to find a personal manner to melt Heavy music and Psychedelia, shadows and lights, with a focused starting point, but going to nowhere defined…

Here we are! Lord Elephant – Cosmic Awakening is revealed today by Heavy Psych Sounds! You can find artwork, tracklist and all the presales links below!

After five years in the working, we are fully satisfied with our first album, a work that talks about our music and our interaction as human beings. No other than Heavy Psych Sounds could represent better the attitude and the feelings we search and we play with our music, finding in Gabriele and the HPS staff the best partner to expand our project as far as we can!

We also want to thank Lorenzo and Audiovolt Studio for the great work behind the mixer, and Stefano Coito Negato for the visionary work of Art! Expect more and tasty news for the next days!” adds Lord Elephant.

Album pre-sale: heavypsychsounds.com/shop.htm#HPS241
USA pre-sale: heavypsychsounds.com/shop-usa.htm

Lord Elephant was raised by Edoardo and Leandro in 2016, after the split of their previous “napalm blues” band Random’N’Roll and the entry of Tommaso Urzino behind the drum kit. With diversified and complementary experiences, the trio melt its passion for Blues, Stoner, Fuzzy and improvised music into a personal journey of Acid Psychedelia, graced with heaviness and tasty riffs as well. After almost five years in the work, the debut album seals the final result of the long road made by Lord Elephant in their musical research, finding in Heavy Psych Sound Records the best possible partner to expand their sound as far as they can!


  1. Cosmic Awakening Pt. I – Forsaken Slumber
  2. Cosmic Awakening Pt. II – First Radiation
  3. Hunters Of The Moon
  4. Desert Collision
  5. Raktabija
  6. Covered In Earth’s Blood
  7. Stellar Cloud
  8. Secreternal

Leandro Gaccione / Guitars
Edoardo De Nardi / Bass
Tommaso Urzino / Drums

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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