[News] Lord Elephant published the second single “Stellar Cloud” taken from upcoming debut album

Italian Psych Doom trio Lord Elephant published the second single “Stellar Cloud” taken from their debut album “Cosmic Awakening,” scheduled for release on July 8, 2022 via Heavy Psych Sounds. Stream the track through the YouTube player below:

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Says the band: “Besides the heaviness of the sound, we wanted to explore some other aspect of our shared musicianship, creating the stoned heavy blues of Stellar Cloud. The dynamic and crescent intensity of the bass and the drums stand as a liquid, cosmic scenario for the insidious work of the solo guitar, ready to explode in the main riff first, and in a spacey improvisation for the second part of the song. As grainy as the dust of the space, we ended up spiraling in the absurd of different perspectives, before an aerial landing on the thing that started it all! Undefined and vibrating, we love this song!

With an attraction force worthy of a black hole, their insane instrumental jams stand halfway between the Space Rock bravura of Earthless or Black Bombaim and the Fuzz-drenched, smoked-out Doom plundering of Belzebong or Wo Fat. With most tracks clocking in at 5 minutes “Cosmic Awakening” finds its own wicked balance between soaring Bluesy riffs and a barrage of fat-sounding, woolly mammoth-sized grooves ready to shake your backbones underway. Debut album “Cosmic Awakening” will be released on July 8, 2022 via Heavy Psych Sounds.

Album pre-sale: heavypsychsounds.com/shop.htm#HPS241
USA pre-sale: heavypsychsounds.com/shop-usa.htm

Through the episodes of this sonic journey, the trio experiences different moods and sounds on the way, sailing through the dreamy waves of Space and Acid Rock towards the perilous reef of Heavy Blues, Stoner and Sludge Metal, finding strength and inspiration in the solid cohesion that binds the three of them. Steady rooted in the Metal, Rock and Blues tradition, “Cosmic Awakening” tries to find its own creative way to melt Heavy music and Psychedelia, shadow and light, with a focused starting point, but no destination set. “Cosmic Awakening” was recorded, mixed and mastered at Audiovolt Studio, its artwork was designed by Coito Negato.


  1. Cosmic Awakening Pt. I – Forsaken Slumber
  2. Cosmic Awakening Pt. II – First Radiation
  3. Hunters Of The Moon
  4. Desert Collision
  5. Raktabija
  6. Covered In Earth’s Blood
  7. Stellar Cloud
  8. Secreternal

Leandro Gaccione / Guitars
Edoardo De Nardi / Bass
Tommaso Urzino / Drums

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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