[News] Lord Of The Lost share new track “Dying On The Moon”

Lord Of The Lost have released a brand new song and video “Dying On The Moon“, featuring guest appearance by Joy Frost. You can stream it via YouTube down under.

Chris Harms on the collaboration with Joy Frost on “Dying On The Moon“: “After so many years of knowing each other and writing songs together, it was time to bring Joy in the spot light of the LOTL cosmos. I love her voice so much, I could listen to her all day. Whatever she sings, it sounds good. Anything.

Joy Frost adds: “Chris and I have known each other since 2015. The summer when we first met, I was in the front row of his classroom as one of his audio engineering students. I remember dreaming about becoming a songwriter for his band during class, but at the time it was just a fantasy. Five years later, we’ve not only written several songs together but now he’s asked me to step out onto the stage with him as his duet partner. I feel sincerely thankful to have earned his trust in both music and friendship.

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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