[News] Lotus Titan publish the official live video for “Déjà-vu ” from upcoming debut album

This one reminds me of Mike Patton craziness, or, if David Lynch has an appointment with Meshuggah while Pink Floyd, Rimbaud and Patti Smith count the stars…

Lotus Titan breaks the codes of Rock by borrowing from Improvised, Progressive and Urban Music. Carried by an intense poetic art and a powerful sound, the quartet explores new sound territories, ventures into daring musical forms and accompanies the listener-rice through a narrative. Watch the official video for the track “Déjà-vu” below:

The writing, exclusively in French, evokes a life journey, a spiritual impulse. Words are deployed as sound matter. The confrontation between text and music creates images, sensations and atmospheres specific to each title. In this setting, David Lynch has an appointment with Meshuggah while Pink FloydRimbaud and Patti Smith count the stars… Watch the official video for the track “Nelumbo Lutea” below:

On “Odyssées” the quartet ventures into an introspective journey, sometimes painful, sometimes joyful, trying but resolutely optimistic. In spite of the fall and the deluge, to fight against the winds or how, like the lotus, to be born from the mud to become a bright flower…


01. Héroine
07.Nelumbo Lutea


Julie “June” Castel JordyVoice, Thérémine and Lyrics
Dimitri KoganeDrums
William LaudinatSynth
Gérald GimenezGuitar and Composition

Odyssées” by Lotus Titan will be out on March 12, 2021 via Atypeek Music, Pre-Orders are open through the band’s official website: https://lotustitan.fr/boutique

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Atypeek Music |Official Website|Bandcamp|Facebook Page|Twitter|Instagram|YouTube Channel|

Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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