[News] Marjana Semkina releases the video for new single “Everything Burns”

Iamthemorning vocalist Marjana Semkina has released a video for her new single “Everything Burns.” The track has been taken from Marjana’s upcoming album “Sleepwalking” the will be out on February 14, 2020 via Kscope.

Semkina says: “Everything Burns focuses on the demons that you take with you no matter how far you try to go – the fact is you just can’t run away from them.” 

No matter how hard you try to change everything around you, they will stay with you unless you realise that the most important change, the one that is by far the hardest to achieve – the one that happens inside of you.”

As for the video by Iamthemorning’s long-time collaborator Eggor Kree, Semkina says it also references this struggle, and adds: “These toxic situations we find ourselves trapped in seemingly, with no escape, you just have to find strength within yourself to put an end to it, even if this means you have to destroy something familiar and precious that you’ve been building for a while.”

Stepping into the unknown can be scary, but sometimes it’s – metaphorically – necessary to burn everything to the ground and start anew and work very hard to not fall into the same old patterns in this new life of yours.”

Semkina is joined on the record by Dream Theater’s Jordan Rudess, along with Craig Blundell and Nick Beggs, as well as the St. Petersburg Orchestra’s frequent collaborator Vlad Avy.

Track List

1. Dark Matter [03:12]
2. Am I Sleeping Or Am I Dead [04:27]
3. Turn Back Time [04:06]
4. Ars Longa Vita Brevis [03:03]
5. Invisible [03:07]
6. Lost At Sea [04:59]
7. Skin [04:52]
8. How To Be Alone [02:50]
9. Everything Burns [03:14]
10. Mermaid Song [04:32]
11. Still Life [04:08]

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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