[News] Mattias Ohlsson Project publish the video playthrough of “Introspection” from new album

Mattias Ohlsson Project is a side project by Mattias Ohlsson, creator, composer and performer in the Octavarium project, with 3 albums to his credit from 2017 to today. With this other project he released the debut album “Illumination” on August 7, 2020, a Progressive Metal concept album, telling the story of a man descending into madness. It is a 12-track, 67-minute long epic journey encompassing heavy riffs, melodic choruses and ambient sections. In addition to the release of the album the artist has released the guitar playthrough of the track “Introspection” taken from his new work, below the official post from his artistic page containing the video:

Illumination” is available Digitally on the artist’s Mattias Ohlson Project Bandcamp Page: https://mattiasohlssonproject.bandcamp.com/album/illumination

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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