[News] Metronhomme release “Tutto il tempo del Mondo” EP

Official Metronhomme Press Release:

Rock/Jazz/Prog band Metronhomme from Macerata, aroused a considerable
interest both in the national and international context with “4”, its last LP (2019),
distinguishing for musical originality and for the project plan always open to an
inedited research. Now the band is ready to add a further chapter to its
discography, announcing the release of a new work that will take place in two
different steps straddling the quarantine period.
In such a difficult moment all around the world, due to the Coronavirus emergency that forces everyone to stay secluded without social connection, Metronhomme focused on the virtual element, exploting its potentiality. During these weeks, a lot of musicians (the famous ones and those of the undergound scene) undertook musical initiatives on social media, whilst Metronhomme decided to realize an entire new album “from remote”.
The new songs are the expression of a whole month of compositive work,
performed toward feverish chat connections, comments, remarks, mails and shared files.
Recordings were made using the only instruments each musician had at home, as
it was not possible to attend the rehearsal room or the recording studio: in many
cases everyday objects found at home and readjusted for the purpose. This modus operandi deeply influenced the new work, conferring a new and original sound to it with respect to previous ones.
The album doesn’t speak directly of the lockdown: it does not talk about the
suffering of this period and doesn’t represent a chronicle approach to it, but it
captures all the emotional charge felt and expressed by Metronhomme in such a
peculiar moment.

The band explains the project design: “The passion we feel for music and sounds,
the time we spent to prove and prove again a song, is an integral and essential part of our lives. Composing defines us, it provides us with tranquillity and push the band to undertake new project. Summarizing: without music we feel not
comfortable. Lockdown prevented rehearsals; a long period without playing
together would have been something unbearable

For these reasons Metronhomme, firstly made an attempt to compose a song from remote, followed immediately by the idea of realizing a whole album to collect and relate in music the strong emotional feelings aroused by this extraordinary contingency.
That is why you will not hear the sonority of “4”, Metronhomme last work, published in 2019. “Tutto il tempo del Mondo” presents 7 songs, difficult to place in a specific kind of music and, for the first time it contains two singed songs, a real innovation for the band, always producing instrumental piece of music.
This result derives from the new composing method; everything took place via
internet, starting from multiple musical hints of each band member. They were the ground on which each other added his arrangements, ideas and parts by turns, shaping little by little the music, with often unexpected results.
The creative drive was widely fed by this new and extraordinary circumstance that forced each component of the group to compose music with what they had at home. This situation limited the band, but stimulated new musical solutions through the utilization of new or old unconventional instruments, as: sofa, sheets of paper, hairbrush, cutlery, mirrors and basins, used for the rhythmic parts (NO electronic drums, all handplayed).

A strange and powerful energy arose and pushed us to mature the idea of realizing a whole album by remote”, the band says.

The new work, entitled “Tutto il tempo del mondo”, will be released in two different steps during this global seclusion time: a first part, named òikos, realized at home,
composed by 7 songs in digital format on all the platforms of musical streaming; a second part will be realized “in open air” once this emergency will have an end. At the end of this in fieri route, the intention of the band is to collect the two parts in one physical album, as an indelible picture of these “strange days”.
The musical group Métronhomme was formed in Macerata (MC), ITALY, in
the summer of 2003; the idea of the members was that of developing an unusual
project, based on original music compositions, open to a wide type of sounds and
experimentations. The first Metronhomme’s work was characterized by the form of the “concept”: not single pieces for the sake of themselves, but a single conceptual composition divided into several moments; the purpose was to represente the work
in a theatrical context. With this method, the first three works of the group come to life: “L’ultimo canto di Orfeo” (The last song of Orpheus), “Neve” and “Bar
”. “Métronhomme 4”, their last album released in 2019, has collected
many positive review from Italian and international press, from Canada to Japan,
passing from South America, USA and Europe.

Métronhomme are:

Mirko Galli on Bass, Pedal Synth;
Tommaso Lambertucci on Piano, Synth, Vocals;
Andrea Lazzaro Ghezzi on Assorted Percussions;
Marco Poloni on Guitars, Maschine, Vocals.

LISTEN to “Tutto il tempo del mondo“: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLbrSti5ifybFI1xN9g1upf1058edrJO-s

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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