[News] Moonlight Haze publish the official video of “Enigma”

Scarlet Records has released the official video of “Enigma,” a song by Moonlight Haze taken from their latest album “Lunaris“, released last year. Watch the video below:


1.Till the End03:28
2.The Rabbit of the Moon03:51
4.Under Your Spell03:49
6.Wish upon a Scar04:28
7.The Dangerous Art of Overthinking06:44
8.Without You04:31
9.Of Birth and Death03:40
10.Nameless City07:34
11.Enigma (English version)04:52


Alessandro JacobiBass, Vocals (track 10)
Giulio Capone Drums, Keyboards
Marco FalangaGuitars
Chiara TricaricoVocals
Alberto MelinatoGuitars

Purchase the album through the Scarlet Records Official Website: https://scarletrecords.it/product/moonlight-haze-lunaris-cd-digipack/

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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