[News] Mother’s Cake release “Lost EP” as a limited edition vynil

Official Mother’s Cake Press Release:

Our long lost “Mother’s Cake” EP is now available as a limited edition in a nice black outer packing with golden screen print.

As you may know, we recorded our first songs as Mother´s Cake in the basement of the local musicschool in Imst – Austria. Andy Wein, our teacher, took care of the production.

The funky results were pressed and became what was later only called THE EP. They were rarely sold and over time we lost track of them… Many of you asked us about them and we never gave you an adequate answer, but now they are back! We found some of these early gems and out of some nostalgia we created a proper packaging – they now come in a posh black shell with a gold screen printing

Limited to 100 pieces only!


1. Death In The Stars (Oxygen’s Fading)
2. Realitricked Me
3. Puppets Of Disposition
4. Fame’s Decision

Purchase the “LOst EP” through the Mother’s Cake Official Website: https://www.motherscake.com/shop/the-lost-ep-ltd-signed/

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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