[News] Mucho Mungo to release their album “Moth Bath” for the first time on LP and Cassette

Mucho Mungo is a Garage-Psych band based in Madrid and composed by Marco González Pérez (guitar, keyboards and vocals), Santiago Aguilera Velasco (drums, keyboards and vocals) and Adrien Elbaz (bass and vocals).

As a result of countless jam sessions between these three old friends, the band was formed in 2017. From that point, the band started to write and composed its first EP “Moth Bath,” highly influenced by Progressive and Psychedelic Rock from the late 60’s to the present-day.

Surprisingly enough, I think we did a doom and stoner album without being really aware of those genres. Of course we listened to that kind of music but we hadn’t any initial intention of taking that path. We just picked up our instruments and started jamming. Every song of the album is the result of hours and hours of jamming. Looking back, it’s kind of crazy the amount of riffs we wanted to add to a single song, but in the end, I think we ended up with something interesting considering it was the first time we were writing music. That’s why it sounds so raw and genuine to me.” – Marco

This first EP was conceived during 3 years, mostly in 2017 and the summers of 2018 and 2019, given that every member of the band started living abroad in a different city (Madrid, Paris and Copenhagen).

In December 2020, the band released “Moth Bath” digitally on most of the streaming platforms. After some months, the EP reaches different cities having a shy success in underground music lovers from the dark internet.

It’s a great pleasure for us to announce our first physical release with Forbidden Place Records. Pre-order starts March 1, 2022 worldwide. Vinyl and cassette versions will be available. At the moment, the band is reunited in Madrid, writing its next LP and rehearsing to give some live shows.

Available on Green vinyl and Cassette!

Pre-orders will be available on Bandcamp: https://forbiddenplacerecords.bandcamp.com/music


1. Bear Attack 05:34
2. Sand Worm I 05:51
3. Sand Worm II 08:25
4. Pocket Rocket 04:23
5. Blue Nectar 07:11


Marco González Pérez / Guitar, Keyboards and Vocals
Santiago Aguilera Velasco / Drums, Keyboards and Vocals
Adrien Elbaz / Bass and Vocals)

Mucho Mungo |Bandcamp|Facebook Page|Instagram|Spotify|YouTube Channel|

Forbidden Place Records |Official Website|Bandcamp|Facebook Page|Twitter|Instagram|YouTube Channel|

Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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