[News] Neo-Krautrock trio EinsEinsEins announces new album “Zwei”

EinsEinsEinsZwei” is the heartbeat of digital globalization. A current that opposes the ever-same. The opium for the society whose life is constructed from ones and zeros. EinsEinsEins have discovered their voices on this album. They use Pop as an instrument of critical reflection. The album awakens an obsessive desire of the one, the two. They are never too shy to use big melodies thrown energetically into the world. The album moves outside the concept of genres. A concept that is deliberately misunderstood by EinsEinsEins. No two pieces are alike and yet everything is one. “Graf Zahl” introduces the journey. A feeling of departure arises. “Plastic Love” brings “The Model” into the 21st century. “Gasetagenheizung” and “Regit Etarak” are tracks that challenge. Passive listening becomes impossible. “Nachtigall” and “Nur Fuchs” release tension and catch the listener like sirens. At the end there is a beginning again.

Listen here to the track “Graf Zahl”: https://einseinseins.bandcamp.com/track/graf-zahl

Listen here to the track “Gasetagenheizung”: https://einseinseins.bandcamp.com/track/gasetagenheizung

After the destruction of their planet ĬİĨ by exploitation of resources and wars, EinsEinsEins found shelter on the blue planet earth after a long journey. There they lived covertly underground for years, adopting the appearance, customs and peculiarities of the earthlings. However, they soon discovered that countless disturbances – caused by human activity – threaten the balance of the earth. Therefore, EinsEinsEins use the medium of music to broadcast their cosmic sounds to the far reaches of the universe and make contact with possible survivors of their home planet. Their coded sound waves serve to change human behavior in order to avert an impending apocalypse. They bring peace!

EinsEinsEins “Zwei” will be out via Tonzonen Records on January 21, 2022, pre-order it on the label’s official website: https://www.tonzonen.de/einseinseins/

1. Graf Zahl    
2. Plastikliebe   
3. Regit Etarak    
4. Gasetagenheizung   
5. Nachtigall   
6. Nur Fuchs

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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